“By presenting undeniable evidence of the positive economic
contributions undocumented immigrants make . . . along with
compelling stories . . . Schwab successfully debunks common
misconceptions promoted by anti-immigrant groups.”

~Paulina Gonzalez, Executive Director of Strategic Actions for a Just Economy

In Right to Dream, William A. Schwab brings a sociologist’s perspective to understanding immigration Schwab discusses and debunks the five most common arguments against the DREAM Act, shows how this “fourth wave” of immigrants is learning English and assimilating more rapidly than previous waves, and shares the stories of undocumented youth who are currently being held responsible for the actions of their parents. Schwab points out that instead of wasting the K-12 education that undocumented youth currently receive, the DREAM Act would allow these young people to attend college with in-state tuition and work and travel freely while opening a path to citizenship.

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Featured Videos

Creating A Path To Citizenship (:34)
Bill Schwab discusses what can be done to help undocumented youth.

Undocumented Students Discuss DREAM Act (2:41)
Undocumented youth discuss what it’s like to grow up in America but not be an American.