“Right to DREAM: Immigration Reform and America’s Future” (40:04) Bill Schwab discusses his book at the Clinton School of Public Service

Creating A Path To Citizenship (:34)
Bill Schwab discusses what can be done to help undocumented youth.

Discovering DREAMers (:43)
Bill Schwab shares his passion for DREAMers and their situation.

Bill Schwab, Morality (1:07)

Bill Schwab, Economic Growth (:57)

Bill Schwab, Supreme Court (2:10)

Undocumented Students Discuss DREAM Act (2:41)
What’s it like to grow up in America but not be an American?

Undocumented: Living in the Shadows (100 minutes)
Six panelists discuss their lives as undocumented youth.

Bill Schwab, Economic Asset (:57)

Bill Schwab, Immigration Waves (1:25)

Bill Schwab, Tax Burden (1:07)